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All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation! You get your first taste of the Asus keyboard too, but more on that later. There are indicators just above the icon dock at the bottom to show which screen you are on.

There are two lock levels: The Asus Device Tracker website can also locate your tablet, but it does require you to sign in with either an Asus account or a Google account.

Opening a folder expands it only by as much as is needed to fit the icons inside. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery, as follows: Where to buy jes extender in united kingdom can get access to it after you set a password, which you later use to gain access asus tablet weather widget the app "locker".

However, there's more to it as the lock status can also be set remotely on the Asus Device Tracker website. It supports multiple languages and has a mic button to activate the standard Android speech recognition from the main keyboard. Below the quick toggles, there's a Brightness slider with an Auto option for quick screen adjustment. In general, this is something that we applaud, as when it is done well you get the best of both worlds - the excellent stock Android interface and useful enhancements that take it to the next level.

This procedure will not wipe your SD card.

Asus Memo Pad HD 7

ASUS has tweaked the drawer to allow for highly adjustable view modes. The launcher gives you five home screens to play with and add your app icons and widgets to.

They take the top half of the circle and are easy to select. There are three tabs at the bottom that give you the option to see All apps or only the Downloaded or most Frequently used ones. Once inside recovery, create a Nandroid backup of your existing ROM.

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Anyway, the default Jelly Bean homescreen has hardly changed from stock Android. Recent apps One of the most prominent ASUS customizations to the user interface is the semi-circle menu that's revealed with a swipe up of the Home button. These buttons, safe for the latter, are placed in the center, which on a This can be useful if you're going to use the tablet in different scenarios, but ultimately it has limited benefit.

It's a quick and painless process that Asus has made a little more attractive. Unlocking the lockscreen As this is Jelly Bean, the left side next to the unlock button gets treated with lockscreen widgets one widget per a pane.

Get the Asus Weather Widget here. - Sony Tablet S | Android Forums

The device can be used as normal with the network lock, just minus internet access. A folder is created by dropping a shortcut on top of another and can be renamed by tapping on the "Unnamed folder" label.

If you don't intend to use any of those apps, you can always hide them. The data comes from AccuWeather and the widgets automatically update with your location. There's no camera shortcut anywhere to be signs of impotence sperm, but we won't say that's a big deal on a tablet. Once the tablet is set monster x male enhancement pills, the first thing to notice is Asus's customised launcher.

ASUS Weather Widget | Samsung Galaxy Tab , v

To add a new one, tap the plus icon to unveil all of the asus tablet weather widget widgets. As we mentioned, Asus has added a fourth onscreen button - Floating jes extender results. Home screens can be rearranged, added and removed asus tablet weather widget a helicopter view, accessed by pinching with two fingers on any home screen.

Of more interest were the Asus customised settings which included an array of useful tweaks, including controls for the quick settings found in the notification drawer. The Asus keyboard sports a simple blue and grey theme and adds a row of numbers to the top in both portrait and landscape orientations.

I found these tools had limited value and generally offered no how to find out if you have eds savings. Above them are eight customizable app shortcuts divided into two groups of four. There are still the usual five homescreen panes, with no option for added more, or removing unneeded ones.

The AudioWizard allows you to switch the audio mode depending on what you're currently listening to.

Right after we booted the tablet up we got prompted to update to Android 4. In the middle, there's the app drawer icon. That works even when you hook up the tablet to a computer - you can't access files from another account.

You can view multiple of them by sliding the widget to the asus tablet weather widget. Over the past year, Asus has been refining its enhancements to Android and the HD 7 appears to benefit from its latest thinking, although some of the bells and whistles it provides on its high-end hardware, such as the PadFone Infinityare not included.

And if you don't like what Asus has done here, there's a setting to toggle back to the standard Android offering.

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The system lock requires the PIN asus tablet weather widget unlock the device, but once unlocked it can be used as normal. The setup process has been completely re-skinned by Asus to a pleasing light grey and takes you through the standard steps of setting up an Android tablet.

The settings themselves are left largely intact but some have been added.

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Power management allows you to control how aggressively the HD 7 manages its power usage by shutting down the Wi-Fi connection whenever possible. The latter is obviously useful if you install apps for a child and don't want them to have access to anything other than those apps.

ASUS ZenPad™ Z10 - Add Widgets to Home Screen

Notifications can be expanded and collapsed with a two-finger swipe, and the top one is expanded by default if the app that put up the notification supports it, of course. Download the GApps Google Apps package from here gapps-icssigned.

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The outer part has up to 8 user-defined app shortcuts - they are the same ones as the lock-screen app shortcuts. You can fit two or three of those on the large The space bar is somewhat small though. ASUS adds its own custom widgets The notification center has been slightly revamped and looks a bit different from rock hard review male enhancement Android.

Verdict It's a shiny, colourful Nexus 7 While some Android device makers like to employ fairly hefty customised interfaces on top of the stock Android one, Asus has always taken a more subtle approach and things are no different on the HD 7. Dragging around the unlock icon in any direction unlock the tablet.

Stock Android Homescreens A portion along the bottom of the display has been reserved for three on-screen buttons - Back, Home, Recent apps and Floating widgets more on that later.

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Floating widgets provide true multitasking Available Floating widgets include a calculator, calendar, email, dictionary, Asus' BuddyBuzz and the AudioWizard. You can tap a circle to switch to that user, which will also change everything from settings through what installed apps are installed to asus tablet weather widget files are accessible.

There's a large dotted circle around the right-positioned unlock button. Disconnect your tablet from your PC. It's a Jelly Bean-style vertical list with a screenshot and a name for each app.

New Iconia Tab A500 stock apps for sgt7.7 + asus transformer weather widget