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For more specific information, consult with your doctor or local pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications. This allows your pharmacist to keep a complete record of all your prescription drugs and to advise you about drug cymbalta and libido and side effects.

I have depression and fibromyalgia and take Cymbalta at mg per day.

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Psychotherapy Sex therapists have specialized training to address sexual problems, but often this degree of expertise is not necessary. If you are concerned about the dizziness you are experiencing, please contact your health care provider for more information on how to manage your medication. Side effects are very patient specific and often subside after taking a medication for a time.

Should it be divided into two doses? Various forms such as ED, ejaculation etc. On average, patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy treated with Cymbalta for up to weeks experienced weight loss; while patients taking placebo experienced weight gain.

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I never used to be like this. Most prescription medications associated with changes in body weight affect the central nervous system. Can long-term use of Cymbalta cause uveitis?

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Please talk with your health care provider to determine the cause of your memory and concentration issues. Although fibromyalgia is characterized as a pain condition, traditional pain medications are often unsuccessful as treatment.

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As you are aware, Cymbalta duloxetine can cause dizziness. It sertraline no libido really helped for the past year.

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Both weight gain and weight loss are listed as adverse reactions in Cymbalta's package insert. This can include mood changes, irritability, agitation, anxiety, and depression.

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Can this be from the Cymbalta? However, drowsiness and dizziness are associated with the medication. Either way I still manage to have a fairly active and satisfying sexual life. Cymbalta duloxetine is used to treat depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and nerve pain.

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Cymbalta duloxetine belongs to a group of medicines known as selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors SSNRIs. Consult your health care provider for specific recommendations. If you are seeing abnormal changes in each then you should contact cymbalta and libido health care provider.

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Cymbalta does have a reported side effect of hyperhidrosis, which is defined as excessive sweating. I was hoping it would just go away as I became more accustomed to the medicine.

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I have nerve pain and need an anti-depressant, so Cymbalta is perfect for me. If a patient finds that the medication produces more pronounced side effects at particular cymbalta and libido of the day, it may be possible to schedule sexual activity for the time when side effects are least bothersome — or to take the drug at a different time.

Discontinuation symptoms may include some of the following: I have what is edco a good sex life since but I orgasm about half the time and it is difficult unless I concentrate and it does effect my libido sometimes.